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Am I Really Jesus Christ?

I'm a man who has got birthmarks on his body that seem to be identical with the scars that the biblical Jesus Christ is said to have got at his Crucifixion 2000 years ago at Golgotha. Besides, numbers 7 and 40, which had had played the most crucial roles in the Bible, have also been playing similar critical roles in my present life. And I wonder if the various biblical prophecies that should indicate the Second Coming of Jesus are already around us nowadays.

For the reasons mentioned above, I'm wondering if I could be the Reincarnation of that Jesus Christ! That's why I made several humble requests to various leading Christian institutions and personalities since more than 23 years ago (starting on August 30, 1984) in the forms of Open Letter, Open Appeal, and Open Supplication. The following were among the several requests that I had made to them:

To find out if I could be Jesus Christ, or Satan/ Lucifer, or an Antichrist, or an Impostor, or a Charlatan, or a Fraud, or a Lunatic!

But as none of them has responded yet to these humble requests of mine until today, I'm now turning to you - people from all walks of life around the world regardless of religious and cultural backgrounds and gender - to participate in the identifying of my real identity by carefully reading the information that I would have put up on this website before the end of 2016.(The first postings were uploaded on March 30, 2007.)


  1. As already mentioned above I will put up all the neccessary information for the said purpose on this website before the end of 2016. Among them would be a paper or a book, too, in the form of autobiography which may probably be titled: MY LIFE AS THE REINCARNATION OF JESUS CHRIST, or something like that, provided of course that the real Jesus has not appeared yet on earth until then!
  2. Sometime in 2018-19 a technical arrangement would be made on this website so that you - those who have access to this website - shall have the possibility to freely express your opinion regarding my identity. And those who have had read all the information on the website will be requested to do the following things:
    • Whether the majority of you think or believe that I could be the real Jesus or not. If yes, then you shall have to find out what my present mission is supposed to be and how I should fulfil (carry out) that mission and what moral codes I must observe in order to maintain my status as the real Jesus Christ.
    • But if the majority of you think or believe that I could not be the real Jesus, then you shall have to try to figure out when and where the real one would appear and what his mission would be and how he would fulfill his mission and which moral codes he would observe as the Messiah.
    • If in case, however, the majority of you think or believe that I could even either be Satan/Lucifer, or an Antichrist, or a False Prophet, or a Fraud, or an Impostor, then I would beseech you to ask on my behalf the Almighty God and His Son to forgive ALL MY SINS and to give me, too, like all other Christians who belong to countless rival Christian churches, an ETERNAL LIFE! I would even be more grateful if you could prove that I'm not the real Jesus for I would be able to go on living freely as a normal human being!

    I shall accept the verdict of the majority of you, whatever it may be, without any conditions at the end of 2019!

  3. I shall go on living until the end of the 12-year period as a normal human being.

  4. I shall not give even a single interview to anyone during this period.